Ilaria Igliani

Kat. 27

Ilaria Igliani (Klasse Prof. Julian Rosefeldt)

Gli Sdriati, 2020

Ton auf Sockel, je 20 x 23 x 24 (5 Teile) cm
Auflage: Unikat

Präsentationskosten 40 € / Aufrufpreis 200 €

“Gli sdraiati”, which in Italian means “the lying down”, are tiny ceramic figures that assume different positions. The figures seem static and seemingly invisible for this big world. A metaphor for the life of humans, small, abandoned and unaware, waiting for fate to recognize their existence or accidentally shatter it.
The ceramic figures also recall the people of Pompeii struck by the catastrophe of Vesuvius that forced them into immobility.
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Ilaria Igliani