Naho Matsuda

Kat. 66

Naho Matsuda


59 x 42 cm
Auflage: 23/50

Aufrufpreis 200 €

Prof. Julian Rosefeldt
Aktuelles Semester
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Kommende Ausstellungen/Projekte

Einzelausstellung Kunsthalle Kempten, 20. Oktober – 3. Dezember 2023
Kunstprojekt für Greenpeace UK, 6. November in London, UK

Artist Statement
I’m a visual artist based in Munich and London. Her work brings together he ordinary and the absurd to explore notions of labour, internet culture, emerging technology and the commons. I examine and construct alternative narratives of social and cultural structures, and am interested in the blurring boundaries of language and the technologies we use to communicate with. I have exhibited internationally including: GCHQ Manchester UK 2022, XPO Gallery in Enschede NL 2022, O,Miami Miami US 2021, You and AI with Onassis Foundation in Athens GR 2021, the Qatar British Festival in Doha QA 2019, SXSW media art 2019 in Austin TX US, and the Great Exhibition of the North art programme 2018 in Newcastle, UK. Recent artist residencies include ARE Enschede, Faultlines by FutureEverything, Future World of Work residency by FACT Liverpool, London Creative Network by Space Gallery and London Print Studio residency.I’m currently working on my upcoming solo exhibition in Kempten and a public art project for Greenpeace UK that will be appearing across England. In the coming months I’m also participating in the Art as Social Practice Programme by HFMDK Frankfurt and teaching on the MA Expanded Practice at Goldsmiths together with visual artist and musician Teresa Cos a research project on notions of orientation based on Sara Ahmed’s Queer Phenomenology.
Themen, die mich in meiner Arbeit grundsätzlich beschäftigen
I’m interested in a bit of everything and how it’s all connected. Recently I’ve been looking into eco-feminist perspectives and more-than-human approaches to making work and telling stories. I’m currently working on a project about apologies, managing a large scale digital pig and planning a new work about dog spines. 
Medien, mit denen ich arbeite
print, writing, video, objects, installation and performance
In meiner Arbeit für die Auktion geht es um…
HO Cat is a diagrammatic composition of Larry the cat, the Home Office cat living in Downing Street No10, the UK’s Prime Minister’s office, since 2011. As a seemingly apolitical being living in the midst of British politics, Larry has survived so far five prime ministers, purring before and after Brexit, slept through international politician’s visits and probably has seen many back-stories to events and incidents that we, the general public, only know official versions about. Can Larry sense when a politician lies? Does he care at all about British politics? The print shows a cat tree built from parts of No10 interior, Brexit reflections in the cat’s eye, a long-tongued yawn, phonetic cat sounds based on Mildred Moelk’s research on cat sound vocalization and a pile of shit. 
Der Titel meiner Arbeit für die Auktion bedeutet/bezieht sich auf…
The ‘HO’ in ‘HO Cat’ stands for Home Office, the UK’s Prime Minister’s office where Larry the cat lives.