Kat. 93



Siebdruck auf Aluminium
50 x 50 cm

Aufrufpreis 320 €


Prof. Peter Kogler 

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Artist Statement
Crisp paint, corner calculations, exposed concrete and gastric endorser cheap Prosecco.
Even though all of these aspects feels incredible, what I am missing is pure didacticism. Throw away the hedonist values of the space, throw away the toilets, throw away anything which could pull the audience away from the artwork.
The BERG ,born as Berk Tuncer, is a Munich based conceptual artist working in the fields of performance, installation and video.
Mostly working with books, directions and suggestions to the crowd, The BERG is lately on the search on how to position himself as the image of a perfectly validated artist in a perfectly validated space. The processual nature of his works, allows him to connect and prolong the procedures of each work for long durations. Pushing the crowd to either join the works or the strict them from ever interacting, his works evolve around finding the best and worst pressure points, whilst underlining his existence in the communication process and the space.
Themen, die mich in meiner Arbeit grundsätzlich beschäftigen
The spatial values and how they interact with the with the audience to ensure the strict and tense communication which is the gallery.
Medien, mit denen ich arbeite
Installation, performance and digital media