Zhipeng Wang

Kat. 106

Zhipeng Wang


9 x 5 x 1 cm

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Prof. Karen Pontoppidan 

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Kommende Ausstellungen/Projekte
The 20th Silver Triennial 2022, DIVA Antwerp, Antwerp/BE26.08-08.10)
The 20th Silver Triennial 2022, Museum Zons, Dormagen/DE22.10.2023-11.02.2024
The Golden Touch 2023 Contemporary International Jewelry and Metal Art Triennial & International Traveling Exhibition, Powerlong Museum,
Shanghai/CN (Oct-Dec.2023)
New Perception of Technology-Contemporary International Experimental Exhibition of Arts and Crafts, Crafts Museum of China Academy of Art,
Hangzhou/CN (20.09-25.10.2023)
The Hole Project, The Closer Gallery, Bejing/CN
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Artist Statement
Zhipeng Wang is a Chinese jewellery artist currently based in Munich, Germany. Drawing inspiration from his rich Chinese cultural heritage and cross-cultural experiences, Zhipeng’s artistic practice revolves around the creation of contemporary art jewellery, employing a diverse range of materials that are deeply rooted in Chinese culture, including elements such as Chinese tea and rice.
Zhipeng’s artistic journey began with the completion of a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Jewellery & Metal at the esteemed China Academy of Art in 2019. Seeking further artistic growth and exploration, he made the pivotal decision to relocate to Munich in 2020, where he embarked on a post-graduate study program under the guidance of Prof. Karen Pontoppidan at the renowned Academy of Fine Arts.
Zhipeng’s jewellery and hollowware projects have been selected for inclusion in group exhibitions and notable competitions held in China, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Belgium, Romania, and the USA. Furthermore, his works have found a permanent place in both private and public collections, including the China Academy of Art Museum, The Gallery of Art in Legnica, and Le Arti Orafe in Italy.
Themen, die mich in meiner Arbeit grundsätzlich beschäftigen
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