the BERG

Kat. 09

The Berg

Berkeley O‘Bergson

44 x 34 x 5 cm

Material: € 100
Aufrufpreis: € 150
Klasse Prof. Peter Kogler
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Artist Statement
The BERG born as Berk Tuncer (1998, IST), is a Munich/Istanbul based conceptual artist working in the fields of performance, installation and video. Around the last years his approach has been concretised on evolving around the state of blatant egoism reinitialised in procession and its outcome as his brand. Therefore BERG commenced to state his new argument only this time it wasn’t the old reliefs that created the BERG yet how BERG created himself in the novelty of Munich.
Themen, die mich in meiner Arbeit grundsätzlich beschäftigen

When the dullness doesn’t seem to disappear, here comes, with the inevitable sensation of being over exposed, Berkeley O’Bergson. 

Whether the many facades of his non existing modelling career in Paris consisting of a -5000€ bank account or calls from his papa to return back to the company, you will have an excuse to leave the dullness behind. 

Only one condition though; no upper body body tattoos, only legs. 

Good luck having your bank account pulled deeper for that laser tattoo removal on your face which made your mother faint in the country club. 

See you at the next sample sale.